Sunday, May 29, 2011

Son's Afghan 149:2011 #365project #knitting

This March, my college-age son requested an afghan that had cable stitches in it. Never mind the fact that I had never knit cables! I let him pick the yarn and color for this afghan, which features the bubble cable. My daughter showed me how to do the cables. As it turns out, cables are easy and makes the knitting more interesting. He wants this afghan to be long enough to cover his feet and go up to his neck. Did I mention he's tall? Anyway, the afghan is over 5 feet long now and I think I'll go another 6-8 inches. I worked on this afghan a lot while my husband was in the hospital for his kidney transplant. Lots of nice memories are knitted into this afghan. The cat is my mom's. She likes yarn, and our couch.

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